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THE ROSINENBOMBER was established 2009 as a German-American band playing 60s rock & flower power. Ten years after the name ROSINENBOMBER is becoming a label for high quality casual clothing. And there is more to discover at our Fine Art Gallery and Souvenir Shop. Enjoy your stay and come back frequently!!

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Casual Clothing 

Rb Shirts

Very fashionable, great colors, 100 % cotton

Rb ZipHoodies

Excellent quality, different styles & colors, 100 % cotton

Rb JogPants

Very comfortable quality, different colors, 100 % cotton

Rb Bags

Best choices for school, sports, shopping, travel & work!

Rb Outdoor

High quality, ideal for stable, outdoor and on the road

Rb HeadWear

Modern caps & Beenies for every season!

Souvenir Shop 

RB SouvenirShop

Coffee cups, toy planes, goggles and more


Most frequent questions and answers

Being born in the „post-war“ generation of the Sixties, we loved the peaceful
use of technology as in the Berlin Airlift 1948/49, when the former German
capital was supplied via air for almost a year. There also were some parallels
to the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine (1969). The idea is do some good and
create positive vibes.

The pilots’ motto his „The sky is the limit“, but being musicians working in
different realms we changed that into „The sky is no limit“. The meaning is to
set no limits to your dreams and visions. It is an appeal to the creative power
within each individual and the collective.

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